Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Case of Imanae Malik – How one person CAN make a difference

The loss of a child is something no one wants to even begin to imagine. Being the mother of a 4 year old I certainly don’t. My son, who I refer to as HRH (His Royal Highness), drives me up the wall, as children of this age are wont to do. Endless questions, mind games and battles of will combined with the displays of love and affection which comes spontaneously, makes it all worth it (as clichéd as that may sound).

So when you hear of a child’s death, however old the child in question may be, it is a tragedy. A tragedy for the parents who invested so much love and care into the upbringing of a being that they would have molded to ensure that he or she was the best they could be, and a tragedy for the world, for having lost someone who may have one day had the potential to change something for the better.

The death of 3 year old Imanae Malik on 29 November 2009, on the second day of Eid, was such a tragedy. Only this tragedy was all the worse for it could have been avoided.

The facts are such:
Imanae burnt her fingers from some hot water. She was in pain. Her parents rushed her to Doctors Hospital, Johar Town, Lahore. The doctor on duty then gave her an injection which also did not help for she continued to cry and complain of pain. After that she was given another injection, used as an anesthetic for patients who are to be put on a ventilator. She was not put on a ventilator and must have passed away within minutes. On realizing Imanae had no heartbeat the staff started CPR. The hospital staff then insisted she be taken elsewhere as they did not have a baby ventilator and they could not treat her further. They claimed they had no ambulance to provide them and refused to send their doctor with Imanae’s parents. Instead a ward boy was sent with them. Imanae’s parents then took her to Children’s Hospital in their own car, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Who is to blame?

The doctor on duty who was on a locum and turns out to not even have had an authenticated medical degree? Or the hospital administration that allowed such a person to work in their hospital knowingly or unknowingly? What is the level of scrutiny for medical staff before they are unleashed on unsuspecting patients (read victims)? What is the appropriate punishment for the level of negligence shown that day?

Nothing can change the fact that Imanae is gone and cannot be brought back. This is something her parents will have to live with for the rest of their lives. However we can all ensure that her death was not in vain.

Aqeel and Maheen Malik, the parents of Imanae decided that while they may have lost their beloved child, this should not and would not happen to anyone else’s loved one. With the support of many others who mourned the loss of this young child, and others who had also suffered at the hands of the so-called healers at Doctors Hospital, they have started a campaign to inform others of the atrocities committed that day and on days past. Through widespread awareness they managed to get the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif involved who constituted a committee to investigate the case. This committee then presented some recommendations which included that Doctors Hospital be shut down and the administration of the hospital be charged with criminal negligence. This fight for justice is far from over. It has probably only just begun. With the support of the public and the media, we can ensure that the outcome is one which we can all benefit from.

We all sit in our drawing rooms, wring our hands, have heated debates over our dinner tables about what all is wrong with our country. Then we sigh ‘Ah well what can you do?’ Well we can do something. Aqeel Malik has shown us that we can.

All our prayers go out to the little angel Imanae, who has gone where all angels go, and to her parents to have the strength to make it through this tragic event. The courage and resilience shown by Aqeel and Maheen should be applauded. What Aqeel Malik has displayed to all of us is that one man CAN make a difference. We should all take heart in this achievement and support him in his on-going battle, while thanking him for trying to make this city a little safer for all of us.

Please support this cause and visit for more details.


  1. its very very very sad to hear about the little angel. I am really very sad to hear about the negligence of the stupid doctors. Its really shameful and it seems like this profession (doctors) is also having criminals in the shape and in suits of doctors. Very painful really very horrible. I know its too much painful for you because you lost your angel but you will not believe that my eyes were wet after knowing this. May ALLAH keep the sweet angel in heaven.

  2. hi my name is mukkaram and i am a software student it is really a sad news and i personally support u guys my all sympothys are with u guys may allah save us all from such hospitals and such conditions (AMEEN)

  3. After watching the video posted on the website, i literally cried. A cute small angel she was and she will be in our hearts. May God give patience to the parents. its the horrible act, which is done by these pricks who are sucking the money out of the veins of people and yet killing peoples. who can call them the saviors because they are killers. the hospital should be brought down and all the staff should be rusticated from their duties and degrees for their life and should bring them into the courts yet its not enough.

  4. I am with Imanae.... Dis whole System had to change... we dnt and at any cost can`t afford to lose another Imanae .... dis System has to change ...

  5. Tayyaba Nasim LodhiDecember 7, 2009 at 2:17 AM

    it is extremely painful. The only people who can understand this pain are the kid's parents who has suffered an irrecoverable loss.
    May Allah rest her soul in jannat-ul-Firdous. Ameen
    I hope that this negligence must come to an end as just one silly careless mistake can take away some one's ;ife which is totally unacceptable.

  6. im a mother of a 2 yr old child n my heart bleeds evrytme i see tht little angel imanae's pics,,,it sooo sad n tragic.iv met tht doctor SANDEEP KUMAR too once when i brought my child there at emergency,,n i cnt imagine tht how can he be sooo careless towards a baby!!its vv painful he shld be punished...may ALLAH give courage to her parents,,ameen

  7. its very obnoxious to hear abut Imanae(R.I.P) my cute sis.i wish these manslaughter idiots especially DR .Faiza should be pronounced as Slaughters and hang till deaths.On this moment me and my whole family are with u Aqeel Bhai even i as a karachite assure you that we all are with u .I am sure we coudnt bring imanae back but we can try to stop it.this is my request to all the users of MSN YAHOO FACEBOOK IOL etc please please please i beg u to please named/dedicate ur status to IMANAE MALIK.Please try to contribute ur feelings its our sister who just went off just because of these man slaughters.SHAME ON U DR.FAIZA.IMANAE MAILK WE R WITH U

  8. No words can describe this pain. may Allah give you strength to bear this loss.

  9. no words can describe this pain. may Allah give you strength to bear such big big loss

  10. i am writing these comments with wet eyes i do have years old daughter and i am really sorry for emane and her family god give her place in janat ul firdous but i admire the courage and great cause of her parents to bring this issue in public so other peoples like me who usually go back our beloved HOMELAND think 100000 times before bring their childrens to any slaughter house or so called hospitals in pakistan, i strongly urge peoples to do not take your love ones to these so called private hospitals and do not let this issue forgotten all peoples involved in this matter from management to that docotor all should bring to justice and justice should pervailed.


  12. Yes M With U !! And I Do want All These KinD of IncidenTs To be Stoped Especially In pakistan Bcz This Is noT the First Case, For The Past Couple Of years This Has been Done again and again !! But no one Listen To Thier Voices !! zSO I M with All of Them !!

  13. it is really sad to hear really I was shocked to see that the little angel is no more in this world real sad thing

  14. Salam,
    It was very sorry to hear that and i was really shocked at the lethal carelessness of so called doctors.
    Their licences should be cancelled.
    Because they are not eligible for this noble profession.
    Now our government should take a strict step on this matter in order to save lives in the future.
    I pray for little Ima's soul and my best wishes for grieved parents.
    Wajjahat Meer.

  15. Really sad and shocking... I am really sorry for the little girl, may Allah bless her soul and give patience to the parents. We are with you in the drive against these criminals. Such people need a strict punishment who are murderers in the name of doctors.

  16. My heart is full of sorrow!!! she was a little angel....just like my sweet little sister.... i am worried about the sweet childern arround me..... If this is happening in a city like Lahore......than what about the remote areas?????
    May God give you patience...our all sympathies are with you..

  17. What if it happen to us? Actually it can be happen to all of us because these bloody butchers are not saving humanity but saving their own pockets. The members of this Doctors hospital or i must say member of a slaughter house make a false sms service that we are innocent. How can we believe them? Yes they are innocent because it is a good deed to sending someone to heaven. Little angel is in heaven now and parents are in pain. This is not iman of aqeel, it can be anyones child your or mine. This is the time we have to stop them by killing other people. I cannot say a single word to console iman parents cause this is a disaster. But this is the time OUR GOVERNMENT has to make a strong health committee to rescue our lives. I strongly request to OUR GOVERNEMENT AUTHORITES that please take a severe action on this.

  18. Nadeem Ashraf BajwaDecember 7, 2009 at 11:06 AM

    I am a little worker in Ghazali Education Trust Pakistan. Its realy realy a sad news for me and every human person who have heart in their chest and feel love...
    Children like Imanae are the real beauty of earth, how she is beautiful in her pictures and i can asume her sweet & sweet talking and innocent games and love towards parents and other family members. The commertial doctors not only killed our shiny flower, but they killed the pleasures of whole family and peace of community & society. Everyone is sad, CM Punjab should justice...

  19. Hi,

    It is really heartening to read/listen this tragic incident. Bravo to the parents of Imanae, who stood against this injustice.

    surely there is something wrong with the Hospital. Last year, my mother underwent for heart surgery & we paid the hospital fee. When we asked for the receipts, they refused to provide. Upon our insistance, they told us to follow a lentghy process to get a simple receipt. I was astonished that time.

    Keep it up.

  20. It is a great loss to them which can never be compensated. i can understand this as i am also a father of a 3 year old son. but the negligience has always been shown in the said hospital. i have been their as well but te duty staff is never cooperative.
    I am with Aqeel Malik. my support is always there. my email address is

  21. We are a nation of sick zombies who actually dont give a sh*t about human life. people keep dying around us, people keep getting their rights taken away ans all we do is talk talk talk.

    My little brother died too when he was falsely treated for hernia and ended up developing severe hepatitis as a little baby. We loved him dearly and did everything we could after wards and tried to give him as normal and as happy a life we could but he only lived on for a couple of years and eventually passed away with "yellow eyes and black skin".... every kind of treatment was tried from herbal to homeopathic, but nothing could undo the damage those moron doctors had done to my baby brother.

    Guess what happened to the doctors NOTHING.

    That is the reason i never studied medicine. I do not want to be responsible to this pain for anyone even it is by an honest mistake. yes many people will say you should have become a doctor, as we need good doctors etc.... but honestly, you cant imagine what i went through at age 6 when i was introduced to the idea of DEATH and seeing my dead brother, everyone around me crying and then seeing him being burried. you cant know what it felt like so you cant understand my reasons for not wanting to touch medical studies.

    when i was in college my sister was born of premature birth and the largest private hospital in karachi (everyone knows its name) gave her infected blood which caused her death at "age 10 days". we had already told him to inform us of any blood requirements as me and my dad had the same blood group but they still gave her blood from their storage which has some viral infections in it.

    As a result, i do not trust doctors, do my own research on every illness and its cures before i let anyone in my family undergo any sort of treatment.

    Both times everyone said "it was his/her time to go there is nothing you could do, do not feel sad". this is our nature as a nation. we are sadistic, we are loosers with a defeatist mentality.

  22. Death of Imanae....... Such a loss for her parents which we can feel but no one of us can feel the actual pain just Aqeel and his wife.Salute to you for your struggle and stratigy and as you people are trying to educate people. All of us are with you. Being a lawyer my support is with u people and my email add is

  23. May Allah give Imanae's parents courage to bear this great loss. Allh, shall inshaAllah, sure shall make Imanae's grave as Jannat.

  24. Nobody can feel the pain and suffering of Imanae's parents . May God provide them solace and courage in this very difficult time.

    My mother was also mistreated by Doctors and expired. I know the surprise and pain when you take your loved one to the hospital for some treatment and he/she dies because of careless Doctors or mismanaged supervision of home jobbers.
    I fully support this campaign against the Doctors who have made this divine profession a business to rip off patients. Their should be some law specifically made to safegaurd patients going to hospital.
    My email address:

  25. Its Really very Sad!
    All Pakistani's Parents are with the IMANAE’S family in their grief...
    We must condemn this kind of Act of negligence and must put a strong
    Protest against the Hospital and their administration.
    All concerned guilty personals must be strictly Punished.

    May ALLAH BLESS IMANAE’S and give patience to the parents.
    We are with you in the drive against these criminals.

  26. I am with Imanae, I don't trust pakistani doctors anymore. Whenever any of my kid get sick I take him to doctor, get his opinion and then I search on Internet and give her medicine myself. I am a Computer Engineer and had studied Biology which is sufficient for understanding minor ailments.

  27. No word to say about Imanae's unfortunate death, due to the sheer negligence of these stupid doctors. My experience of doctor’s Hospital is quite the same. Doctor Hospital is nothing but an expensive slaughter house. We all should get together and join hands with Aqeel and Maheen Malik, the parents of Imanae in their efforts

  28. Hi Ayesha..reading these comments makes me feel there is still a lot of hope for this country of ours, and its people.

    As you've very rightly pointed out, its a lot easier to say that there's not much one person can do...but both Aqeel and Maheen have shown us the way. One person can make a difference..and you can take on the "system"!! has now received more than 1400 messages from people sharing their grief and anger at the hospital. While most of this is directed towards Doctors Hospital, there are numerous emails from people citing criminal mistakes and negligence by a number of other hospitals in Pakistan which resulted in the death of their loved ones.

    Sadly, as is the case with a number of other issues, no one exactly knows how to go about registering their complaints. We know how difficult it was for us to register the FIR against Doctors Hospital and had it not been for the intrevention of a number of people, this would never have been possible.

    It however is quite heartening to see the support that Aqeel and Maheen are getting. It could have been anyone's daughter and it is our duty to ensure that such incidences are not repeated and that no one has to go through the pain that they have gone through.

    May Allah give them the strength to cope with this unbeareable loss.

    Friends and Family of Imanae


  29. Its really painful and i can't use words to explain my feelings. we can't blame this country but the people who are non-serious not only with themselves but also with others. You have taken a historic step and i pray for your success. i would not particuallarly target any hospital but it is generally observed behavior in Pakistan that you can just pray to Allah oterwise our doctors are there for just making money. May Allah bless you in your mission. and we hope that people could get some awareness that what is happening with them.

  30. I am an Indonesian, and this hospital was my reference while I was in Lahore. I can not believe this can happen, that the "doctor" can be so careless. And the hospital it self does not have any hospitality and responsibility of what they have done. I am sure to change hospital reference for my next visit to Lahore.
    May Allah bless Imanae and gives support to both parents (Aqeel and Maheen).

  31. Really dont have the words to tell how sorry I feel for being called a "DOCTOR".
    I am with Emane too.
    This filthy, money making sh*t should be demolished ASAP.
    Dr. Saima

  32. Doctor hospital should be shut down as soon as possible, i know koi imanae ko wapis nahi la sakta par.. imanae aik chotha sa chirag roshan kar gai hai.. jo na jany kitny zindgiyan bacha dey gie.

  33. Man!!! i feel like picking up a scalpel and performing a before-death autopsy on that doctor...

  34. There are all sorts of problems everywhere in our country, in every institution... In this country it seems like you can get away with anything... I hope the new Justice system is potent enough to provide people with justice... But we as Pakistanis should also learn about our constitutional rights and should come out on streets and protest and pressure the government and the legal system to provide us with Justice... It is a very good effort by the parents of Imanae, I know it won't bring Imanae back but it will save the lives of a lot of children in the future.. and this is what every Pakistani should be doing if he/she needs justice for the crimes committed against them... raise your voice and come out on streets and be heard...

  35. Aslamalaikum
    It was very sad to hear that and we were really shocked at the lethal carelessness of so called doctors.
    Their licences should be cancelled. B'caz they are not eligible for this profession.
    We want that our government should take a strict action on this matter in order to save angel lives in the future.
    I pray for angel Iman-e-Malik's soul that Allah rest her soul in JANAT UL FIRDOUS... Ameen.
    M. Bilal with friends

  36. hi, i am yasmeen.this is really very very tragic incident that cannnot be explained in words.May Allah give courage n endurance to the little angel's parents...n i completely support this cause n the bastards should also b punished n i would request every pakistani to raise voice against this injustice...WAke up Pakistan b4 its tooo late!!Come out now!!

  37. hi I am Azhar Mahmood, we all are grieved on this sad and tragic incident.Doctors hospital is already have a bad reputation and lot of patients have already suffered. they are cruel and brutal. they are here just to make money. they should be hanged till death. this malpractice, maladministration of these brutal Doctors can only be stopped by hanging them in front of Public.

  38. Truly tragic! I hope the justice is served.

  39. I feel very sorry for Imanae. you are right atta ur rahman this whole System had to chang.

  40. Hi' my Name is Waheed from New York, Sorry to hear about your loss it's very very sad and painful memories for life.
    May God bless little angel and give you courage to bear this tragic loss (amen)
    My story is same like your this happen in Moughal foundation Hospital in Mirpur Azad Kashmir my 32 year old brother died last year in Ramadan.
    When I looked at the bill they gave him (40) bottles of 1000ml IV's in 24 hrs to make money.
    when I consulted with a doctor in America he said if You give an adult more then 10 IV's in 24 hrs it can kill a healthy person.
    Bring this (Fake so called doctor) to justice.
    I believe we have lot of young and talented force in media nowadays which can help to get justice for the innocent peoples being killed by these coward, heartless, greedy Doctors.

  41. Hi I am Nayyer from Dubai. It is indeed a very tragic incident and the feelings cannot be expressed in words. It is very crutial time for the angel's (Imanae) parents may Allah give them patience, Ameen.

    I will stand by Mr. Areel in his efforts to bring justice to his family as at this point the little angel cannot be brought back, but
    with the required punishment for the negligent
    doctor infact murderer, might reduce the number of such incidents in our country.

  42. Mrs&Mr Qamar said this is criminal negligence of all health DEP, which shows totaly collapes to do some thing even after 10 days of this tradgy.The doctors shuould be hung imediatly .we pay slout to morall courage to parents of this inocent doughter.ALLAH IMANAE KO APP KAY LAY BAISY NIJAT HOO AMEEN

  43. its really tragic!!!!v r with the family ......i being a doctor do agree such cases r prevelant in our country...v need to fight against it,though cant bring little angel Imanae back!!!

  44. I always thought doctors use their medical experience while giving a treatment. It will come in all surprise to me if doctors listen to attendants rather using their own brain.

    Private hospitals hire fresh medical graduates since they don't ask for higher wages and don't argue on working hours. I know it very well since many of my friends are doctors. One of my friends once treated my brother and afterwards we had to rush to an emergency. Experience is an important thing. I have recently been to a dentist. I am sure he treated one of my teeth without any reason but to make money. Doctor's hospital charges like a 5 star hotel. I don't know about many other countries but in Canada, attendants are not allowed to stay with patient. Once patients enters the hospital he is their responsibility. Why would a private hospital like Doctor's hospital which maintains international health standards (what they claim) let parents interfere.

    It's all about money-

  45. A.O.A sufferers & all making their comments.Its very tragic for every one of us to have such bitter losses in the form of deaths of our beloved ones.I being eye specialist share my heart felt sorrow & grievances against every one who is responsible for this and should be punished on merit according to his/her mistake & negligence.May I with all of your permission ask few words

  46. How many parents have spent how much monney to make their childern Doctors out of the govt merit by using illegal means and depriving well deserved poor but hardworking students

  47. So what do you expect from those who had been awarded with medical degree against their wish and will by their parents having getting money by hook or by crook.But keep it up.I pray for success.

  48. This was totally doctor's negligence, he/she may be hanged in Liberty Chowk, a lesson for other doctors. They should either love their profession or leave it instead of killing innocents. We all love you Imanae. M.A. Minhas

  49. This made me weep...Its just the heart crushing feeling...May Almighty Allah give you patience on this unbearable loss. Yes we should stand against this system to avoid such loss in future. May Allah bless u ..aameen

  50. On this tragic incident me and my family is so sad we wish Allah help you in this situation. Actualy we are worried why our government and managment not able to check people before they are going to start any business or trade such like this, in other countries people are checked even they want to start a very simple trade work, but in our country doctor's hospital is built without any check to kill innocent people! so sad, don't try to protect from outer animies but first save yourself from inner disasters. God bless our country and us all. Amin and God give peace Imanae.

  51. Being a mother of a kid i can well understand and feel the pain my dear Imanae's parents are going through I am writing these lines with wet eyes I can't even imagine a common person could ever handle a child brutally it is the worst thing that a doctor whome we hand over our loved ones with complete trust do this type of criminal negligence. We support the cause of this awareness atleast this action made other doctors more sensible.

  52. I am Faisal Thakur age 36 about five years ago i went to doctors hospital for for my high blood pressure and Dr shehyar (a senior dr)saw my reports and put on treatment but after three years he said your problem is in kidney and its since childhood look the negligence ,,,,,, then he asked me go to kidney doctors and now i am being treated by a kidney dr.. but for four years he put me on wrong medicine. Shame Shame .

  53. I m wth u ,al Imanae Malik's family.I m not married not having child, but when i saw ths news on channels and i receive ths email, i really felt muchn more grief about ur daughter,I m wth u , may God accomplish ur struggle against th doctors hospital nd th duty doctor specially, i think he is a devil, he himself not hav a child or couldnt feel th pain of parents, u pple plz dont worry , il pray 4 u nd ur cause to stop al these devil activiteis from pakistan.Luv u v.v.v much Imanea.(little fairy).baby now u r in th lap of God.He himself will take revange from al these murderes.

  54. Aoa its was not less than a desastor for sum parents to luse thier child, but i m solmnly hurt by all this event i must say they r not entitled to called even human biengs i pray to God that u may get the strenght to bear ths unforgetable loss & i request to all of u to please forword ths msg to all of thme u care bcoz it culd also spoil the life of sum1 to whom u love. May Allah keep all of us in his protection. God bless u all

  55. The pain of losing a child is one of the biggest pain one can experience in life.May Allah give the strength to bear such a great loss to the parents of Imanae Malik.In our country medical profession has become a business,either in the shape of private hospitals,private clinics,private medical colleges,with no proper checks.Even in our big teaching hospitals,there is no proper accident and emergency departments having qualified doctors or consultants which are there in the whole world.The most un-wanted and surplus doctors are placed in the emergency department.The noisy and fast ambulances are there but what those critically ill patients get.......a very very slow,outdated treatment by very untrained doctors.Emergency should be dealt by highly skilled doctors,and only those doctors who has done specialisation in accident and emergency.I think after the loss of Imanae, the government should make a law that all the hospitals should have qualified doctors to handle the emergency patients,because making false claims of giving best health facilities to our public we are killing them in emergency departments.

  56. Assalam O Alaikum
    I am speechless, Imanae was an Angel such a cute baby May Allah rest her soul in peace. All of us are really sad for her May Allah Talla give all of u patience and InshaAllah these butchers will be punished All Pakistanis are wid u and ur family Aqeel bhai!!


  57. i can not stop holding my tears on comming to know this sad happening the death of a little innocent angel. its a moment of deep grief of Mr. Aqeel & family and for all of us as well. for how long we can afford loosing our loved ones by the sheer carelessness and negligence of so called doctors. i simply condemn this type of medical professionals. we put the lives of our dear ones on stake when we consult such ruthless idiot doctors. we should all take strict action and stand against this practice and such highly inhuman and stupid practitioners. May imane's soul rest in peace and May Allah provide patience to the rest of the family. (Ameen) Regards Sitwat Kashif

  58. I am very upset after visiting this site n i have no words to say to the parrents espically her mother after reading all this i cant see her pics i dont know how she is ?but i want to tell her now u have to live to get justice of your little angel .And plz all pakistanies take it seriously n dont forget it cuz we always forgetting these types of cases thats why these thing is happinig in continuation by this type of devels n all responsible person have to punished whoever involved in this crime.I think crime word is very small for this what ever they done

  59. INSHAALLAH this will make a change and i m with u sir aqeel.

  60. Dont leave the doctors who treated the angel Imanae with such level of carelessness....inn ko Ibrat ka nishaan bna dein, so that ab say onward koi bhi shaks insani jan per experiment kernay say pehlay hundred times sochay...Please dont let the doctors go...we all are with u both and your family.

  61. Sir,
    It realy a sad incident,Inshallah we will together make sure the culprits gets the maximum punishment,well if i would have been the decision maker i would have hanged them.....but in this tragic moment we all are with you.

    Rizwan Khalid and Family.

  62. hi im hina from multan..i heared about imanae on Tv Channel......nobody can heal ur wound but we can weep with u ...we can weep for assure u that we r with u on this horrible neglegency of doctor hospital,MAY ALLAH BLESS IMANAE,, :((:((:((:((:((:((

  63. Im really sorry to hear the story, Very similar happened with my uncle whose Vein was damaged during an operation and he died at the spot in Doctor's Hospital. I'm really glad that u took this step against the Hospital. It should be closed forever. And im really Glad to see the confidence in Mr. Aqeel (the father of Imanae), You really have guts. You have done an awesome work. Although you had to go through a great loss but similar happened with me when my father died when i was 8. As the people say that "har kaam main Allah ki behtari hoti hay"... May ALLAH give u courage to bear this loss. May her Soul rest in peace, AMEEN...!

  64. Aqeel and family, I pray for you guys all the time that Allah bless you with the power to overcome this pain and sorrow, however being a father of three kids I dont know how it is possible to do so. Two of my kids were wrongly diagnosed with diseases I dont even wanna take the names here. Thanks to Allah I got other opinions and there was nothing wrong whatsoever. May Allah help you in this Jehad.


  65. I am really sorry for your child who died of doctor's negligence. As a consultant doctor, I think the blame should go towards the attending doctor, Emergency Department Administration of Doctor's Hospital.

    I recall a similar case I saw in the UK hospital. A trainee doctor puntured a wrong artery without proper consult from a senior doctor. The patient bled massively and died. The whole hospital was not blamed rather that doctor and incharge of that doctor is removed and punished.

    Similarly, if One Pakistani kills anybody doesnt mean that entire Pakistan is at fault.

  66. I feel deeply for the family and will support them all the way. I m a doctor and can't imagine how a doctor would intensionally do this. But then we gave black sheep in this profession. Having said that I also say that not all doctors are bad and from above blogs I m guessing there is a mass paranoia againt the doctors.
    Have faith because there a still good doctors in this city.
    Dr Mehreen

  67. Aqeel Malik Family
    The time to come and go in this world is fixed by Allah and is not to be questioned. The greatest tragedy one in life is to outlive one's children. My heart weeps for the little angel who now waits to escort her parents to Heaven.
    Her departure at the hands of the villains at Doctors Hospital should be a clear message to all of us to stay away from such institutions, where doctors with questionable credentials function as professionals who are supposed to save lives, not take them.
    An example must be made so that precious lives are saved in the future. Imanae, you will Insha Allah make a difference to our society. May Allah bless you.

  68. I feel deeply sorrow with the family of imanae.In fact all BIG private Hospital in Pakistan are Slaughter House.The Govt have NO controll over these Hospital,they in daily routine make heay charge to take of life,Even more non-professional running these hospital by hiring non-experinced Doctors.May Allah rest her soul in peace & give courage her parents to face this unforgetable loss.Mumtaz Ahmed

  69. its so sad to read all that happened to little angel Imaene.May her soul rest in heaven.i strongly condemn the criminal negligence of doctors hospital's staff.the guilty doctor should be given death sentence.all my sympathies r with the affected family.mehvish iqbal hussain faisalabad

  70. Dear Parents of Imanae !
    I deeply feel the pain that you would be suffering from. On one hand, the pain is of the injury your daughter had, second, the careless attitude of what people call them the angels, 3rd, the pain how she would have felt the moments of loosing her life, and the most painful is the sense of loosing your daughter for ever.
    It was primarily the non-professional and nonserious attitude of hospital administration,who didn't take care of what is being happening in the hospital,not a single person is owning the responsibility,i must call such people as tranined animals who have cruel attitudes. Curse on such a person and the people who are saving their illigitimate behaviors.

  71. I really don’t have words to express my feeling, every day I pass the billboard which is opposite to the ‘Slaughter Hospital” and my heart cry.

    Allah SWT must have sent this little Angel to earth for specific purpose, the Angel has sacrificed her life for the benefit of mankind, the candle already lit; now we have to pass it on and spread it …. The Angel is now watching us all from the highest rank in havens, who we fulfill our mission, in bringing the justice …

  72. Sir I am very sorry to hear about such a horrific account of passing away of such a cute doubt you are quite right in saying many of us have underwent such a tragedy through the hands of the blacksheeps in the noblest profession known...May Allah guide us to recognize them and punish them in such a way that no one dares to adopt this profession who has no sincerity towards it...May Allah give you SAWAB for this noble cause and bless your daughter(and our sister)and all muslims in heaven.


    Hey guys its just a kind request not to add the word "death" with any human being...its PASSING AWAY...the person who leaves this world lives...its only that he/she has drawn a curtain between himself and this in real sense he/she has PASSED AWAY from this world into a much better place...
    May ALLAH grant courage to the bereaved family to bear this loss.

  73. dear parents!

    I believe this ia result of casual and irresponsibile atitude of adminstration and y doctors,and overall flaw in training medical students.comercialisation of medical profession.
    this is not the first unfortunate case. i came across number of such cases who were not highlighted,because life never returns.

    but we can save lot more children,from illtrained organising medical system
    as in other civillised nations

    I feel immense sorrow
    May ALLAH grant courage to the bear this loss.

    Dr Wasay

  74. ASALAAM O ALAIKUM! having just a look at the pic of Imanae at the website made my heart sink. i m a mother of a toddler myself and cant even get myself to imagine of such a tradegy. no word of comfort could relief the grieved parents of their huge loss.however i pray to ALLAH (SWT) to give them the patience to face the hardship of life and grant the little angel a high position in Heaven .AMEEN. but for the management and doctors on duty at the scene of crime, may ALLAH (SWT) guide them to atleast not play with the lives of humans irrespective of any age group. one slightest of mistake can coz many to mourn i hope they understand this b4 they themselves suffer in some so called medical facillitation center.

  75. Can't write any words about this critical situation, because the pain of this accident is more than which we feel.

  76. I dont find proper words to express my grief over the sad death of Imanae but i can support the voice of Aqeel and Maheen Malik, the parents of Imanae and their determination for not let it happen again. I am also victim of such cruel acts of the heinious businessmen in the guice of doctors.


  77. This is extremely sad indeed. Such a thing is unheard of in the West. If this would have happened criminal porceedings against these doctors, doctors managing this hospital and board of directors would be held immediately. I suggest that these doctors involved including the managers, board of dicrectors of doctors' hospital, all their names toegther with details of what has happened be submitted to the General Medical Council Uk, American Board of Medicine, European Consulate of Medicine-remember these doctors hold foreign qualified degrees-they should not be allowed near another patient again-THE GMC will strike them off the medical register as well as the American boards and all their qualifications will be rendered invalid. Please also submit their names to the British Embassy, American Emabssy and European Embassies so that they can never practise medicine in the west again. This needs to be done urgently. Also write to the PMDC in Pakistan to investigate these cases-though i doubt that would help as there is so much corruption in that country.

  78. its very sad i couldnot forget such a innocent cute pic of Imanae.

  79. This is extremely sad indeed. Such a thing is unheard of in the West. If this would have happened criminal porceedings against these doctors, doctors managing this hospital and board of directors would be held immediately. I suggest that these doctors involved including the managers, board of dicrectors of doctors' hospital, all their names toegther with details of what has happened be submitted to the General Medical Council Uk, American Board of Medicine, European Consulate of Medicine-remember these doctors hold foreign qualified degrees-they should not be allowed near another patient again-THE GMC will strike them off the medical register as well as the American boards and all their qualifications will be rendered invalid. Please also submit their names to the British Embassy, American Emabssy and European Embassies so that they can never practise medicine in the west again. This needs to be done urgently. Also write to the PMDC in Pakistan to investigate these cases-though i doubt that would help as there is so much corruption in that country.

  80. I am so sad when i hear the story of “Emane Malik” who died the negligence of Doctor Hospital. I strongly condem the criminal negligence of doctor hospital staff. All my sympathies are with the parents of Emane Malik and pray 4 GOD give you an other beautiful child as Emane. Allaha Hifiz
    Azeem chaudhry. Kasur, Pakistan

  81. very very sad. the culprits should be hanged.

  82. Remember, people of Pakistan. If in the past you have been mishandled by Doctors in Pakistan or your loved ones have died due to medical negligence in Pakistan at the hands of these doctors-remember if these doctors hold foreign qualified degrees you can write to their respective medical council in that particular country be it the UK-General medical council or US American Board to investigate these doctors. If doctors who had malpractised in Pakistan and are now currently working in the UK or US, you can immediately report these doctors to the disiplinary panel of the GMC in the UK or America to start an investigation. You will be reassured that strict action will be taken-this hold true for patients who have been exploited in any way by foreign qualified doctors.

  83. Remember, people of Pakistan. If in the past you have been mishandled by Doctors in Pakistan or your loved ones have died due to medical negligence in Pakistan at the hands of these doctors-remember if these doctors hold foreign qualified degrees you can write to their respective medical council in that particular country be it the UK-General medical council or US American Board to investigate these doctors. If doctors who had malpractised in Pakistan and are now currently working in the UK or US, you can immediately report these doctors to the disiplinary panel of the GMC in the UK or America to start an investigation. You will be reassured that strict action will be taken-this hold true for patients who have been exploited in any way by foreign qualified doctors.

  84. Salaams,
    We are all deeply sadened by your daughter's death. May Allah give both the parents strength to endure this pain, and may Allah bless them with beautiful children.

    I want to help bring this place down. My Nani was given incorrect treatment with lethally high and prolonged doasages of some medicines that led to internal bleeding which they never bother looking into or stopping the drug causing it.

    She was taken ill by a simple cold and had week lungs so was taken in. Where she over heard the nurses say 'how sad it is that her Qul will be held on the grand daughter's wedding' my cousin's. So she came back, with her cold still the same, rather she had contracted pneumonia by then.

    So a few days later she was taken in again, sadly my khala didnt listen to us and was smitten by their nice clean decor. here the doctors didnt bother taking her blood culture. Two days later after begging for it we managed to get it done.

    The ICU staff was the most incompetent I have ever seen. They were rude to start with, they were not trained enough. The lady incharge of the handful patients in ICU had graduated a year ago only!

    By Eid Day which was nani's fifth day in hospital, she couldnt breathe. Upon my insisting that she is having difficulty, I was re-assured otherwise. later that day she was put on the ventilator.

    Dr Kamran Cheema, her doctor was hardly ever there. He even commented that since she is old enough we should be prepared to let her go. BUT MY NANI WAS FAR MORE ACTIVE THAN I AM! so no I wasn't prepared to let her go just as yet!

    She was given a 24/7 Heparin drip that thins blood, which resulted in internal bleeding. around the 26th of december we had noticed what seemed like bruising to us but they should have known that Heparin's the culprit. We were the ones who pointed out another few days later that she is losing blood.

    Not just this a lot more happened... the nurses would have their food and not bother washing their hands before tending to patients. Then the fact they were busy chatting or talking on the phone. I even saw them reuse syringes.


    Then they tried their best to bombard her with unnecessary procedures. succeeded with some others we refused to. She even had a cardiac arrest as a consequence of some drugs...

    & they wanted to do angio plasty even.... She was given an anesthetic so she stops complaining..... in her sleep her health deteriorated day by day.....

    The final blow was the misplacement of her mouth guard, the ICU staff should have seen it! SHE CHEWED ON THE VENTILATOR PIPE IN HER SLEEP & THE ICU STAFF DIDNT EVEN NOTICE!

    that night they fitted a pace maker & she had a cardiac arrest ... she was revived but suffered another,.... but the third was fatal.....

    I am only sharing this so this could be recorded too. I REALLY WANT THIS MONEY MAKING SCAM TO BE SHUT DOWN!! INSHA'ALLAH

    Mrs S Ahmerin

  85. im totaly with you guy may Allah give you strength to over come the lost of your dearest

  86. Dear Mrs Ahmerin
    I cannot stress enough-if this particular doctor who neglected your 'nani' has specialised in the US or UK, please report TO THE APPROPRIATE MEDICAL COUNCIL IN THAT COUNTRY BY WRITING TO THEM EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED SO THAT HIS LICENCE IS REVOKED AND HIS FITNESS TO PRACTISE IS UNDER REVIEW.

  87. All Pakistani people please read the following guidelines on Good Medical Practise UK:from General Medical Council UK who regulate Doctors' fitness to practise:
    Good Medical Practice: Being honest and trustworthy
    56. Probity means being honest and trustworthy, and acting with integrity: this is at the heart of medical professionalism.
    57. You must make sure that your conduct at all times justifies your patients' trust in you and the public's trust in the profession.
    58. You must inform the GMC without delay if, anywhere in the world, you have accepted a caution, been charged with or found guilty of a criminal offence, or if another professional body has made a finding against your registration as a result of fitness to practise procedures.
    59. If you are suspended by an organisation from a medical post, or have restrictions placed on your practice you must, without delay, inform any other organisations for which you undertake medical work and any patients you see independently.

  88. Syed Habban M SubhaniDecember 11, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    Dear Mr Aqeel!

    Its being a very sad inncident, which occured to your small child due to the criminal negligence of "Doctors Hospital" I really condem them over their cruel act of malpractice.I extend my utmost support & efforts for your this nobel cause and I strongly request d'nt let them free. You will see the day will come soon that this Slaughter House will come to an end. Here I would request the Chief Minister Punjab "Mian Shahbaz Sharif" to take strict action against culprits and bring them to justice. Regards Syed Habban M Subhani Cell 0300-9427440


  90. it is strongly suggested that these doctors together with their additional foreign qualifications are reported to the American Board for malpractice, their licence is revoked and they are held accountable for their actions-they really need to be prosecuted. If their qualifications are from the UK then the General Medical Council UK needs to be urgently contacted to alert them of these doctors so that their fitness to practice is under review. Further to this, the Home Office both in the UK and US need to be alerted on these doctors. The Government inquiry has revealed the following shocking news that has led to the demise of this little girl:
    . There is no doubt as to massive criminal negligence/handling in the above case due to the following reasons:

    a) The use of Intra Venus Dormicum 2.5 milligram was not required at all for such small burn.

    b) Injection Pavulon is used for induction of Anaesthesia for those patients who are to be put on Ventilators during operations; it was criminal to use it in case of a 3 years kid suffering from simple burn. In fact this drug is used for relaxation of respiratory muscles; hence administration of this drug was not at all justified.

  91. The doctor has buried the parents alive with the poor little child. Such callous, ruthless and negligent doctors must be punished hard for their crime. He gave such a high dosage without realizing the sleepless nights of her parents after losing her. Such doctors should be accountable for their wrong decisions and must bear cosequences accordingly.

  92. this is one legendary struggle. I have dedicated a poem about her. please read it at

  93. Salam...

    I'm Mr. Hanaffi from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now and at this moment i'm in Makkah for performing haj for this year. Isya Allah i will send a doa from here, from Holy Land to my cutest and lovely daughter IMANAE MALIK... I am really sorry for the little girl, may Allah bless her soul and give patience to the parents. Really sad and shocking. Remember this: We are always with you and ALLAH are always with us and our daughter IMANE MALIK. Such people need a strict punishment who are murderers in the name of doctors.

    Hopefully there will be not happend in any Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacy etc in Malaysia and in around the world.


    The idea of Doctors Hospital & Medical center was conceived by a group of Pakistani-American doctors in order to provide a most modern and well-equipped medical faculty of international standard, yet within the reach of the Pakistani public at large.

    Doctors Hospital and medical centre has been internationally recognized as an excellent health care institution due to its facilities services and consultancy standards having all medical specialties with state of the art equipment and American/British Board certified doctors.AXA PPP Health care international UK has accepted Doctors Hospital on its approved listing of Hospitals that are authorized to provide medical care to its members in UK and al over the world.

    Doctors Hospital & Medical Centre Lahore is one of the three hospitals in Pakistan Who have this distinction. The Hospitals organizational set up is based on international healthcare standards and its operations are fully computerized. Efficiency and accuracy is ensured through a reliable network system that provides up-to-date medical and financial information.

    I am very sad and worry aisey Doctors ko ALLAH hidayat de aur un ko saza ke akhri merhaley tek puanchaye.Aaj bhi Childeren Hospital mein aik Doctor'sNegligience se 5 year old FAHAD is Duniya-e-fani se chala gaya.ALLAH ap ko ap ke MISSION me kamyab kare aur IMANAE & FAHAD jaise kaye Parents ko Saber ata Fermaye .

  96. Pavulon (Pancuronium Bromide) IS USED FOR PATIENTS RECEIVING INTENSIVE CARE AND WHO REQUIRE TRACHEL INTUBATION-IT IS AN AMINOSTERIOD MUSCLE RELAXANT OF LONG DURATION USED MAINLY IN PATIENTS RECEIVING LONG TERM VENTILATION IN INTENSIVE CARE UNITS-IT CAN CAUSE TACHYCARDIA AND HYPERTENSION. Further to this it is stated ‘It is also used as one component of a lethal injection used in capital punishment in some parts of the United States.(shocking)!!!!
    The other drug Dormicum (midazolam)Intravenous midazolam is indicated for procedural sedation (often in combination with an opioid, such as fentanyl), for pre-op sedation, for the induction of general anesthesia, and for sedation of ventilated patients in critical care units.

    In the United Kingdom midazolam is a Schedule III controlled drug.[22]

    How on earth would a conscious 3-year-old girl be injected with these drugs is beyond belief!!!!!

  97. in their website, Doctors' hospital has stated they are on the list of AXA Health care insurance UK. The family of Imanae Malik need to contact the chief executive of this insurance company and give them detailed account of what happened to your child/ and increase awareness of this hospital amongst the public in the Uk so that this hospital gets struck off!!!!

  98. Rest in Peace forever Imanae. We the public love you and would like to see the erasure of Doctors' hospital and a charity by the name of Imanae in its place to help the poor and needy children.

  99. I am really sorry to hear the death of little child Imanae malik. I really hope justice will be done and those responsible for medical negligence, responsible to employ doctors without full credentials, govt. agencies responsible to keep a check on medical institutions, Pakistan medical and dental council responsible for registration of all doctors should all be accountable.
    Unfortunately, medical mishaps happen and will always happen doesn't matter you are rich or poor.. take the example of Micael Jackson given cocktail of various pain killers and anaesthetic propafol causing his early demise however in country like ours these events hardly ever get any attention from media for more than few minutes. I can quote various examples of medical negligence from the past and if we have systems in place and if Pakistan Medical and dental council is really organisation by law it should have duty to safe guard the life of ordinary citizens of Pakistan and should have power to investigate complaints against doctors and to strike them off. This will be a lesson for all those hospital up and down the country mushroomed over the year with just one moto to make money. They have no plan to invest in their own doctors no proper teaching and training and no continuing medical education and above all learning from mistake that have been made and put systems in place to avoid those mishaps in future.
    I hope when Lahore high court will look into the case it should make recommendation for proper organisation and structuring of medical institutions in the country and mechanism to monitor private and govt health providers.
    I support Malik family and my condolence to them .


  100. i am very sad after seeing this little angel.
    ALLAH give courage to her parents to bear that heavy loss. AMEEN

  101. i am very sorry to hear about the death of a cute angel........................
    but all those who are responsible,,,they must be dealt is the duty of chief minister and the governor,,,,,,,,,,,,,to stop such activities being going on in such places.........................and ther persons who are responsible,,they must get punishment.................................


  103. deep regrets. we all need to stop this malpractice and keep alive our dreams to resist the bad and possess the good.

  104. I can not write what I feel. I am a mother myself and I am with you Mrs. and Mr. Aqeel. While reading the painful events detail, my heart ached and my eyes teared.

    I will always pray for your endurance. May Allah punish whoever is responsible. Believe me, Allah's punishment is greater than any other worldly punishments.

    Ya' Allah, never give a relief to the negligent doctors in the life here and hereafter.

  105. Doctors of Doctors hospital are butchers. They don't think people are humans. The whole story make my eyes teared. I wanna do something against doctors hospital. I will do something legally.

  106. i m sorry for the little girl Imane. May Allah Bless her with his blessings (ameen)

  107. i literally felt very bad when i learnt about ur daughter.this z not the 1st case in pakistan when doctors have killed or taken the lives of inocent people.
    no doubt,life n death lies in the hand of Allah (swt)but this doesn't mean that the people who are guilty would not be punished.
    don't u ever step back from this becoz if u'll punish them today the other people who have played with other's lives or they intend to.they will get a lesson and will never dare do that.
    may imanae soul rest in peace.

  108. assalamoalaikum aqeel bhai,
    This is shandana,me n my husband are so so so sorry about your loss.I dont know how could somone be sooo cruel to a sweet little girl like imanae,i daily see her sweet pics,i have kids of my own n i know what you must be going through but this must be some test from ALLAH.May ALLAH give you strength and may imanae soul rest in peace,ameen.we all pray for you.

  109. SALAAM,

  110. I feel that we are living in a completely dead society, even nobody can get timely justice from these ruthless social animals, this is not the case of Imanae only, but a case of every daughter of pakistan, next victim of these hunters can be mine or your daughter,these bloody death traders should be given an unexampled punishment, but they are still holding a license to kill, May God destroy them and i believe the justice would be granted by Allah and the cruel will get didactic consequence. "I LOVE YOU IMANAE"...

    Altaf Khan

  111. A very sad story.

    What is the lesson?

    IMO NO visits to a "hospital" for simple pain. Yes it is hard to listen to a young child scream in pain. Is it harder to bury that child? This is a trade off you make EVERY time your enter an unknown establishment that deals in deadly drugs. This goes for children and their parents.

    Now of course you must evaluate the pain. If there is more than simple pain involved and the injury is life threatening perhaps you wish to take the chance of visiting a "hospital"

    Every parent should learn to deal with simple pain. For a simple burn ice water may be the way to go. Life is filled with pain please do not throw away a life trying to avoid a little pain.

  112. I also have a bitter experience in Doctor's Hospital, becuase of thier rude & impolite behaviour of a big doctor despite taking Rs.1000 as consultation fee,
    So I named Dotor's Hospital to Dacoit's Hospital.

  113. sorry for great loss it should not happened
    responsible doctor should be acountable for this and we should have specific laws