Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting a Grasp on God

A conversation HRH, my 4 year old son, had with me the other day regarding life, death and God.

HRH: Ammi, what is 'dead'?

Me: Umm..dead is when you go to sleep for a long time.

HRH: On a bed?

Me: No, you go to live with Allah.

HRH: Where is Allah?

Me: He's really high up and no one can see Him

HRH: Is Allah a boy?

Me: No..He's not a boy

HRH: So why do we say He?

Me: Err...we just do. (Standard parental response to anything that requires too much time to explain or to which you don't know the answer)

HRH: Does Allah wear clothes?

Me: No..

HRH (looking surprised): Is he naked?

Me: No He isn't a human being so He doesn't need to wear clothes.

HRH: So what does He look like?

Me: No one knows what He looks like. He's not a boy or a girl but we just say 'He'.

HRH (looking unsatisfied by response but lets it go):So dead people live with Allah?

Me: Yes

HRH: Does Allah play with them?

Me: No because they are asleep.

HRH: When will they wake up?

Me: There's a day when everyone who is dead wakes up.

HRH: Then what happens?

Me: Then people who were good go to a really nice place to live.

HRH: In a house?

Me: Maybe. It's a really beautiful place with delicious food.

HRH: Like chocolate cake?

Me: Yup. Lots of chocolate cake and other things too.

HRH: And the bad people?

Me: They go on a time-out. Forever.


  1. that is very insightful coming from a child-
    it is well known that human beings are only ever truly curious during the stage of childhood. we grapple with the same philosophical questions throughout the rest of our lives but instead of answering them are always evading them.

    interesting post!

  2. mashAllah eisa is a very perceptive boy..i love this keep up the blog i'm glad i found it!

  3. Thanks Naheed! And for the comments too :)