Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lead The Way. Someone? Anyone?

I was talking (or rather tweeting) with someone some time ago and there was a discussion (of sorts in 140 characters or less) on the lack of leadership in Pakistan and what characteristics an ideal leader should possess.

Here's a list of attributes that I feel would be of great importance in anyone leading our nation:

  • Honest

  • Educated - at least a Master's degree (a real one)

  • Professional - doctor, lawyer, engineer, IT professional etc

  • Work experience of a certain number of years at least

  • International exposure in education/professional career - studied or worked abroad

  • Foresight to see what needs to be done long term in all areas

  • Courage to stand up to landowners, fundamentalists, all other groups with vested interests in all fields whether in civilian organizations, military, politics etc

  • Strong enough to stand up to outside powers ie the US

  • Supporter of secularism - leave religion out of the country's running and focus on the real issues

  • Capable of understanding and promoting the importance of education, literacy, accountability, women's rights etc

  • Not surrounded by ignorant henchmen or yes-men but with a council of similarly educated professionals who can advise and counsel honestly without fear

  • Two Muslim countries we should look up to and try to emulate are Turkey and Malaysia.

    Will the Pakistani Mustafa Kemal or Dr. Mahathir please step forward?

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    1. Good article. One should also add the ability to get oneself elected through these ignorant masses which end up electing people like the present bunch of corrupt idiots. Other option is that of a benign despot, which i am in favor of. Works all the time in developing countries :)