Monday, April 5, 2010

SM/SM - So Much Stalker Media?

SM/SM (Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik) looming nuptials has sparked a media frenzy in Pakistan. When the news was announced a few days ago, a tsunami style wave of attention crashed upon the couple. Some were happy (as witnessed in the form of dancing citizens outside Shoaib's house in Silakot), some were angry ('How dare he marry an Indian?' And vice versa 'How dare she marry a Pakistani?').

Most of us though were just bemused. Why was there such a hype about them? Yes he is an ex-cricket star and yes she is an ex-tennis star in their respective countries but the level of scrutiny and detail being broadcast about them and their wedding is a little sickening. Especially when we have far greater problems to deal with. One theory is that people are so sick of the sad state of affairs around us, that we have hungrily turned on anything that distracts us from the permanent depression.

While SM/SM have provided light relief as well in the form of jokes being exchanged over SMS and Twitter ('Pakistan no longer needs a tennis star, humain jahaiz mein mill gayi' & 'IPL rejected 11 Pakistanis, Sania rejected all of India'), I think I can safely say we have all had enough.

However, the exclusive dance practice video filmed through a crack in the door, the apparently current wife of Shoaib Malik and her hysterical interviews, the claims of a possible pregnancy, the telephone nikah (in this day and age? seriously?) validity, police involvement and Shoaib not being allowed to leave India now; all means that the media piranha feeding of this tale won't end anytime soon.

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  1. lol! dancing citizens outsides shoaibs house in sialkot is too good.