Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tweeting Twits & My Twee Cents

4000+ tweets later, I have learned the following:

1. There are some very intelligent/interesting people on Twitter.

2. There are some morons on Twitter too.

3. You have access to celebrities like TV personalities, Hollywood/Bollywood actors, sporstmen/women, politicians etc who you would ordinarily not be able to address nor expect a response from

4. There are a lot of stalker/drooling fans of said TV personalities, Hollywood/Bollywood actors, sporstmen/women, politicians etc who think nothing of saying the silliest things in the hopes of said star replying to their 'I love you's' or 'Marry me's' 

5. Just because you exchange tweets with someone does not mean they will add you on Facebook

6. Some Tweeters will get offended and stop following you if you do not accept their Facebook friend request

7. Just because someone follows you and has replied to 2 of your directly tweeted questions does not mean he/she wants to meet/greet you in 'real' life. For all he/she knows you could be a serial killer/regular murderer/rapist or stalker.

8. There is a vast amount of information/news available to you according to your interests provided you follow the right people.

9. There is a lot of spam rubbish out there too.

10. You can get all the latest news from around the world from various sources. You can stop checking news websites for the latest happenings.

11. You will find 'profound' statements from sources such as pop stars, starlets, politicians and their cousins thrice removed (plus everything in between)

12. You can enjoy tweet-wars between rival politicians.

13. You might get stuck following people you wish you had never started following (if you are someone who doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings).

Bottom line: You will most likely be a stranger to whoever you start following or who starts following you i.e. I don't know you. I will not add you on Facebook. I will not give you my email address either. I also would not like to tell you HRH's name. So stop asking me.

I may do one or all of these things after I feel comfortable enough having established that you are not in fact a serial killer/regular murderer/rapist or stalker. But till then please don't ask.

I am prepared to lose a few of my 200+ followers after this (hoping they will be the ones I want to lose, otherwise there is always the Block option I guess).

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