Friday, May 21, 2010

Ban Baby Ban

As of now I cannot access Facebook or YouTube or Flickr. There are reports of Wikipedia, Google and even Blogspot perhaps being blocked in Pakistan. All instigated by a 'Draw Muhammad Day' group on Facebook.

Facebook: Shame on you. Despite the group being reported for inciting hate speech and racism you still did not block it (and from what I saw/read the one time I went to the page to report it, you'd have to be blind or not bothered to not have removed that page).

'Islamic group of lawyers' (who apparently raised the issue in the Lahore High Court): You did as expected.

Lahore High Court: You actually listened to the Islamic group of lawyers? Seriously? The Facebook block must be the quickest decision taken by you (Just wondering why you aren't that quick on rape/murder/robbery etc cases?)

As people on Twitter rant and rave (or in some cases pat themselves on the back with halo shining brightly overhead at a job well done, while naturally letting others who may not agree with the course of action taken know that there is something wrong with their level of religiousness or I quote what someone said to me 'maybe you need a refresh or restart on your emaan (faith)'), (yes I know that is an exceptionally long sentence but I'm ranting and raving here), I would like to know what exactly the LHC, the government and the PTA are aiming for? What are we hoping to achieve by shutting down all websites that have this objectionable material? Are we not ostriches with our heads stuck in the sand? Ignorance is bliss? Is it a case of 'See no evil, hear no evil'? But that does not mean it stops existing does it?

I would have thought there would be more intelligent ways of registering protest. Perhaps by urging Facebook users in Pakistan to report the group (Now we don't even know what's happening on it. Though I'm sure that group will appreciate the publicity we have provided them with). Or perhaps by contacting Facebook itself and telling them to do something about it. Or even by engaging with people on that group to explain what a Muslim's position is in this regard. Was it really necessary to cut ourselves off from the world?

So as farms and livestock die virtually (I may not like Farmville but I do feel for you Farmville inhabitants) and I shake my hand to subdue the itch to update my status or upload a picture of HRH, I would like to appeal to the LHC and the PTA to let us know what their thinking is behind this decision to so trigger-happily 'ban baby ban'!

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  1. 'See no evil, hear no evil' is a good logic but do u really think that ur proposal of registering protest would have caused facebook to take some action ??? I seriously think no .. there are already many pages on facebook against that ""Draw Muhammed day" each having huge number of members to register an "intelligent protest" , but facebook admin damn care about all those .. Unfortunately we dont have the required standing in the world to influence their tactics .. so for the time being it is better to atleast be on the lowest level of emaan :(, in my opinion .. But yes i totally agree that govt. is just taking this as a chance to ban whatever they wanted to sice long ..