Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ban This Baby or Ban Baby Ban II

With Facebook and hundreds of other sites still blocked, these are some of the things that should actually be banned in Pakistan:

1. Blockades 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after every Tom, Dick and Harry 'VIP' passes through. I know the plebs are there to be abused but if you want to live amongst us then at least have the decency to not detain us whenever you decide to leave/return to your home.

2. At least half the local 'news' channels starting with the ones who played a slideshow of Shoaib/Sania photographs with romantic Indian songs in the background. (Gee-Oh I wonder who this could be?)

3. Men peeing on road sides in full public view. I can't believe this is still so common (As much as paan-spits along any appropriately placed structure it seems. Appropriate for the paan-chewer of course.)

4. Entertainment taxes. 65%? Really? (Having to pay PKR 500 each to take HRH to watch 'Alvin and the Chipmunks 2' is a little painful)

5. The Pakistan cricket team for toying with our emotions (No I still haven't recovered from our T20 World Cup semi-final defeat. Sniff.)

6. Politicians who don't have degrees but then suddenly do but don't actually but are still elected. Also politicians who lie, steal, cheat...(this one is pointless isn't it?)

7. Everyone who has a holier-than-thou attitude (that would help with population control too) To quote something I really don't want to - "Jiyoo aur jeenay do"

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  1. But, you are talking about, more than 30% ppl of Pakistan, wid the pan chewing and the "proud" show of public urination. The tom, dick, harry Vip's. The problem is, we have stopped speaking and complaining, yes we do complain, riots and about issues that really don't matter, i mean most people who go on protests etc, are the illiterate ones, and they are there following a political leader, who is using them for his/her own propoganda. So if we dn't speak, we should be thankful they let us out. About Sania Shoaib drama, that stunt was shown becoz ppl want to see that kind of stuff, maybe not us, but most of them. If a single rotti can cost 4 to 5 rs in a nation which wheat production wise is at number 6. Entertainment tax really not an issue.The semi final loss, boho, the better team won. I AM TIRED