Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Power of Puke

HRH has been sick today. The kind of sick that involves throwing up every couple of hours or so. After the clean up operations for vomit number 6, I realized how much motherhood has changed me in this particular regard (as in countless others).

No longer do body emissions of any sort, hold the power to disgust me.

HRH has made up a song which consists of repeating the following lines over and over. It goes as follows:
"Booger, potty, pee
Thooki, vomit, burp
Potty, snotty!"

This song pretty much sums up everything gross that can be discharged from the human body. All of the above are also generally regarded as nausea-inducing when coming out of another human being. For me any squeamishness vanished once HRH appeared.

Over the past 5.5 years, since HRH arrived on the scene I have cleaned countless nose nuisances (runny and otherwise), innumerable below-the-belt discharges of all colors and consistencies, and multiple regurgitated food/drink occurrences. Gone are the days when these had the ability to invoke queasiness in me.


  1. Yeah. I once said to a friend, "You could throw up on me right now and I wouldn't even care." Amazing.