Thursday, February 17, 2011

For Heaven's Sake

HRH: What is Heaven?

Me: That’s where good people go on the Day of Judgement. So you must always behave nicely.

HRH: How long do I have to stay there for?

Me: Forever

HRH: I don’t want to live there forever. I want to come back and live in Pakistan

Me: Pakistan won’t be there then. There will be no world.

HRH: How do you know that?

Me: Cos Allah says so in the Quran

HRH (looking up): Allah! Is that right?

Me: He doesn’t answer like that

HRH: Why not? I don’t want to go to Heaven

Me: Why not?

HRH: Will I have friends there?

Me: I guess you can make friends.

HRH: What if no one wants to be my friend?

Me: Don’t worry. You’ll make friends.

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