Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Sickness and In Health

HRH has been quite unwell for the last week and especially sick since last night. This resulted in
- A frantic morning spent dispensing Brufen and Panadol
- Getting a doctor's appointment
- Waiting 2.5 hours at the doctor's clinic before finally being able to see him
- A panic attack when he demanded a chest X-ray immediately to rule out pneumonia
- An immediate chest X-ray for HRH
- Pneumonia being ruled out thank God
- Another panic attack at an ominous 'might need surgery for adenoid removal'
- Receiving a prescription a mile long
- Gathering the prescribed drugs
- Sorting out medicine schedules
- Force-feeding a very unhappy HRH and so on

During this stressful day, HRH, during the few times he ventured to speak, which did not involve whining and tears, had a couple of interesting conversations with me -

A comment by HRH prompted me to explain to him that I clean his nose, wash his hands, give him a bath, clean him when he goes to the bathroom and so forth. His answer put me in my place when he said very matter-of-factly, "Yes, but I will also do all this when I have a child."

Later when he was feeling particularly miserable with a fever of 104, HRH asked me to ask God aloud to make him feel better.
Me: Allah please make HRH feel better
HRH: Tell him to make my cough better and my fever less also
Me (obliging): Allah please make HRH's cough better, his nose less stuffy and his head less achey
HRH (after a couple of minutes had passed): So is He going to do it? Did He hear you?

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  1. Interesting how often HRH indicates that he thinks you have a direct line to Allah.