Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Government and Politics 101

Today's DAWN newspaper headline is "Govt comes out with strange warning". Next to it is a picture of a policeman standing guard at a deserted road in Karachi.

HRH (after staring intently at the newspaper): This guy is the government? He's a bad guy?

Me: No, that's just a policeman.

HRH: So why does it say 'Govt' next to the picture?

Me: The government is not just one person. It's made up of lots of people, like the President, Prime Minister, other ministers, all the people working in government offices and so on. They run the country together.

HRH: Where are they running to?

Me: No I mean they make the country function, for example making sure people have enough to eat, there are no bad guys around, building roads...things like that.

HRH: Are the police also part of the government?

Me: Well the army and police are supposed to be controlled by the government.

HRH: So the government told this policeman to stand on this road.

Me: Yes in a way. But our government isn't really doing a good job.

HRH: Why not?

Me: Because they are corrupt...which means they steal money. Also there are so many bad guys around. The electricity going all the time is also because they didn't do their job properly.

HRH: If the government have guns then why can't they just kill all the bad guys?

Me: That's not how it works. Will you try to make our country a better place when you grow up?

HRH: I'll try.

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