Monday, August 22, 2011

How Not To Explain The Concept of Hell

HRH: Why did Allah make ants? What are they supposed to be for?

Me: Well he has made all kinds of animals and insects…so sometimes we might not know what the purpose for everything is..

HRH: But insects bite us so why has He made them?

Me: Sometimes humans are also bad, like they hit or kill others…but He has made them too right?

HRH: Hmmm…can’t we write a message on a piece of paper and send it to Allah to ask him why he made ants?

Me: No, Allah doesn’t answer questions like that. You know He wrote the Quran and sent it to us, so we can just read that and try to understand it.

HRH: How did He send it down? With a machine?

Me: No He told an angel to come to Prophet Muhammad to tell him what the Quran said, then Prophet Muhammad learned it and taught it to everyone else and then they wrote it down and so we have the Quran. You know there are surahs in the Quran called The Ants and The Bee.

HRH: Really? Tell me about them.

Me: Well Allah tells us to believe in one God and in the Day of Judgment and to be nice and kind to everyone especially your parents. He also tells us about how we should be good otherwise we’ll be in big trouble…you know how right?

HRH: Yes. Hell. Does the fire burn you there?

Me: Yes it’s very hot and bad people burn, and they get boiling water to drink.

HRH (looking slightly terrified): I can be good now, but what about the other times before when I wasn’t good?

Me: No no, don’t worry, you can just ask Allah to forgive you and He will do that because He’s kind, but you must promise you won’t do those bad things again.

HRH: *silence*

Me (trying to make up for terrorizing child by changing the subject): You know Allah also talks about all the nice things He has made for us. Like the sun, moon, stars, animals, rain, trees, fruits and so on.

HRH: How did He make them? Which materials did He use?

Me: Well all these things are made up of different materials I guess, but Allah just says something should be and it is.

HRH (still looking worried): Hmmmm.

Me (thinking): Oops.

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