Monday, September 19, 2011

Hateful Homework, Swearing Guidelines, Marriage Miss & More

HRH: The moment I hear 'homework' I feel like there's something disgusting in my ears.
HRH: Do I have to get married?
Khala: You don't have to if you don't want to
HRH: What a relief.
Me: There's an insane amount of homework to do in these holidays
HRH: Torture for both of us.
Faisal: What the...
HRH: Don't say the word. Just say 'what the' and 'why the'.
Me: Hurry up and practice your Urdu imla words
HRH: Forget it Ammi
Me: No I can't forget it
HRH: Ammi you don't have to win everything. I'll just do my best...without studying.
Me: Please don't be rude to me. It makes me sad and I feel like crying
HRH: ...more like pouncing.
NanaAbu: Come here and give me a hug
HRH: Men don't kiss men.
Faisal force-feeding Eisa breakfast -
HRH: If I say bad words in my head then that's ok right?
Faisal: No it's not.
HRH: But they aren't coming out of my mouth
Faisal: ...wait..are you thinking those about me??
HRH: *grin*
Me: Do you need to pee?
HRH: No.
Me: So stop touching yourself then
HRH: It’s part of my body so I can touch it
Me: We are not going to play after school today ok? We'll come straight home, got it?
HRH (with a sigh): I know when I'm beaten.
HRH (sitting on the pot): I can do stink-bombs....from the air-conditioner in my butt.
HRH: Allah can't see us when we do bad things right?
Me: Yes He can. He can see us all the time.
HRH: So why does He need the left and right shoulder angels to write and send messages about what we're doing?

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