Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Misery and Morbidity

Army checkpoints where there were none not so long ago.
Killing schoolchildren (Were they infidels too? These 'people' really think they're going to Heaven?)
People dragging their buffaloes, cycles and motorbikes through swirling waters.
Crime ('We got robbed at home the other day.' 'Someone snatched my phone at that traffic light.' 'Our mugger was rather nice thank God..such a polite young man..even apologized for traumatizing us.')
Kidnappings ('He was sold to the Taliban. Came back after 6 months.' 'At least he came back.')
Gratitude for things which should be a given.
Murderers serenaded as heroes. Loadshedding ('What are you waiting for yaar? Generator lagwao.')
Schools closed for 10 days (after being open for 7 after a 3 month summer break. At least it's only a dengue epidemic. Last time schools closed down it was because of possible terrorist attacks).
Politicians too busy fighting over who said what and who did (or didn't do) what (They have proof though so it'll all be okay now).
Apples are no longer apples and bananas are no longer bananas (At least we got a whole lot of jokes out of that one).
Horrible, hate-inciting humans on TV.
So much screaming.
A timeline for everyone.
Discussion on jumma prayers ('Don't force him to go...You never know.')
Religious or irreligious? Who cares? ('People do. They do. Don't talk so never know who's listening.')
'Where are we going? What's going to happen?'
'Bus it'll just go on like this. Things will be better in a few years.' (Been hearing that for the last few.
Reassuring or trying to convince yourself?)
Living in a bubble of self-denial.
Everything's slowly closing in.

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