Thursday, September 8, 2011

Troubling Questions

Looking at the DAWN headline "Suicide blasts rock Quetta" and picture of the blast aftermath -
HRH: What happened here?
Me: There were some bomb blasts
HRH: Like bon voyage?
Me: No that’s B-O-N. This is B-O-M-B.
HRH: So who put it there?
Me: Some bad guys
HRH: What’s suicide?
Me: It means to kill yourself
HRH: So what’s suicide blasts?
Me: It’s bad guys blowing things up
HRH: How?
Me: They wear the bomb and then they get killed and they kill people around them
HRH: Couldn’t anyone see the bomb?
Me: They hide it under their clothes so no one can see and stop them
HRH: Good thing this wasn’t in Pakistan
Me: It was in Pakistan…Quetta is a city in Pakistan
HRH: Thank God it didn’t happen in Lahore
Me: It’s sad for all the people there and also for all of us in Pakistan isn’t it?
HRH: Yes.

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