Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wills, Cucumbers, Prayers & Punishments

HRH: When do you write your will?
Me: Before you die
HRH: But how do you know you are about to die?
Me: Well that's why you do it way before..why do you want to write a will anyway?
HRH: For giving away my toys.
HRH: I want to eat keeras.
Me: You want to eat insects?
HRH: No..that green vegetable..
Me: Oh kheeras.
HRH: You are being very rude today. I am very disappointed in you, mother.
Me: Go pray with NanaAbu
HRH: I'll pray when I'm 7. I'm only 6..that's a small number.
Me: You went to Eid namaz and to one Friday namaz also remember?
HRH: Ya so that's enough for now. I'll pray in a few months.
HRH (complaining to Nano about me): Nano, she snatched the phone from me
Me: Who's 'she' Eisa?
HRH: That's your punishment for snatching from me. I will call you 'she'.
HRH: Why did Allah make bogeys?
Me: Umm...I don't know..
HRH: You always don't know anything.
Me: Eisa come and talk to me
HRH: I'm watching TV..
Me: You can watch TV later can't you? I'm so bored
HRH: Hmm..I'll let you know in 15 minutes what my suggestions are.
Me: Go and wash your hands. Don't make me say it again.
HRH: Please stop gritting your teeth at me. Otherwise I have a long list of punishments for hiding your phone or telling your mum.
HRH misbehaving -
NanaAbu: I am going to get really angry with you now.
HRH: Uh oh. NanaAbu is going to squash me like a bug.

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