Friday, October 21, 2011

Tentacles, Religious Remix & Political Awakenings

Profound political discussion -
HRH: Who's the next biggest crook after Zardari? Something Ali?
Me: Gilani? There are too many crooks unfortunately.
HRH: Too many pottys.
HRH: When you were small did you tell your teacher she's pretty?
Me: I don't remember. Why? Do you want to tell your teacher that?
HRH: was just a hypocritical question.
Me: You mean hypothetical?
HRH: Yes
Adele's 'Rolling in the deep' - the HRH remix : 
'There's a fire burning in my nose..reaching a fever pitch and its bringing it out the butt'
HRH: Are you sure Sandoz On works? I haven't seen any mosquitoes bouncing off me..
NanaAbu: Come pray with me
HRH: I don't want to. I wish I was a Christian then no one would ask me to pray.
HRH: Who's Imran Khan?
Me: He's someone who played cricket for Pakistan, then he built a hospital and now he wants to be the leader of Pakistan
HRH: First he was a cricketer, then he was a builder and now he wants to be a leader? He should make up his mind what he wants to be.
The day Steve Jobs died - 
HRH: How did James Bond die?
Faisal: James Bond isn't real..he's just a character in books and movies
HRH: No Baba..James Bond the one who made the iPhone and iPad
NanaAbu sleeping -
HRH: He looks like a little orphan.
Me: That's a terrible thing to say. Do you even know what an orphan is?
HRH: No..
Me: It's someone who's parents have died
HRH: NanaAbu's parents have died
Me: Ya but u still don't say that to anyone. They'll feel bad.
HRH: You can say it when they're asleep cos they can't hear you.
HRH (climbing on Faisal): I'm an octopus
Faisal: Actually you are a quad-ropus cos you only have 4 tentacles and an octopus has 8
HRH: My pee thing also counts, so that's five.
Me: We're buddies too right?
HRH: Yes
Me: Yay! So who's the better buddy..Baba or me?
HRH: You are both equal. Now stop with the buddy business.
HRH: If you're looking for fun..all you need is a gun.
Me (horrified): No..What? Where did you hear that?
HRH: Looney's wabbit season!