Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boys Don't Hug, Faulty Flagging, National Analysis & Freedom

Me: I'm going for coffee with my friends.
HRH: So it'll be just me and Baba?
Me: Yes
HRH: Thank God...Baba always says yes to whatever I say.
HRH (looking intently at a pic of our president in an old newspaper): Was Zardari always a crook, since he was a child?
HRH: I know the source of oil
Me: Wow..really? So what is the source of oil?
HRH: Oil tanks
HRH: Who's Nawaz Sharif?
Me: He's the head of the PML-N party
HRH: And Zardari?
Me: He's PPP
HRH: Pee pee pee..lots of peeing
HRH (after drawing the flag of Pakistan): Ammi, I know what the colored parts of the flag mean..the white part is the Muslims..and the green part is the maulvis.
Me (giving HRH a hug): You're my baby
HRH: I am not. I am a big boy..I have my own life now.

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