Saturday, December 10, 2011

Religious Reckoning

My husband, Faisal and I are kind of confused about whether HRH should start reading the Quran in Arabic. While most of his friends/class-fellows have been receiving religious instruction as far as starting to read the Quran goes for a while now, we are still debating about what the point is if he doesn't understand anything.

While our respective parents have been begging/pleading/telling us off about how lax we are as far as HRH's religious studies go, neither of us thinks, having been through the same process when we were his age, that it added anything to our lives at that point in time (apart from dreading the hour the qari saab was supposed to appear).

I suggested I would read a page of the English translation with HRH every day. This was vetoed by Faisal who thinks (and on further pondering about, I agree), HRH is a little young for the intricacies that lie therein (or in other words, we wouldn't know how to answer the questions that would be bound to come up).

The other day HRH and I had the following conversation (much to Faisal and HRH's amusement) -
HRH: Why were all prophets men?
Me: I dunno..
HRH: Maybe Allah thought women are nasty.

So, yes, I don't think we'd be able to answer the queries that are bound to crop up (especially as we seem to be pretty clueless ourselves).

Can we simply stick to just be a good human being and take it from there?