Saturday, January 21, 2012

Better at Bullying, Paying Dues & Holiday Highlights

HRH: Ammi you're an even bigger bully than me.
HRH: No homework today...No torture for me and you!
HRH: You and Baba get paid for going to the office. Why don't I get paid for going to school? That's my job.
Me: I missed you when you went to spend the night at Nano's. Did you miss me?
HRH: was just one night and we were both in Lahore.
HRH: I'll never wash my child's potty
Me: Who'll do it then?
HRH: I'll make my wife do it
Me: Baba washes you doesn't he?
HRH: Yes but I don't want to get my hands dirty
Conversations during the winter holidays in Italy and Spain - 
Faisal: We'll be going back to Lahore soon
HRH: Noooo...I want to live in holidays
HRH: I saw two people kissing on the lips on the was really gross
Me: Hmm
HRH: They didn't stop kissing
Faisal: That's ok
HRH: But their tongues were also touching
Career motivation after a walk down La Rambla, Barcelona -
HRH: I want to be a street performer when I grow up
Me: What kind of performer?
HRH: I'll be a statue sitting in the air
At DXB airport, waiting impatiently for Faisal to be done with eye scan -
HRH: How long is this going to take? What will they do next? A CT scan?


An hour after seeing Trevi Fountain -
HRH: I liked Saturn at the Trevi Fountain
Me: You mean Neptune?
HRH: I knew it was a planet name


HRH: When a bride throws a barbecue, the person who catches it will get married next?
Me: Bouquet?
HRH: Yes

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