Friday, January 27, 2012

Is It So Hard To Say?

Yesterday I was at my parents place for lunch after picking HRH up from school.

Two of my sisters and my father were seated around the lunch table, alongwith HRH and I. My son suddenly (while playing a game on the iPad and chewing a bite) said, "Ammi, I love you." I, just as distractedly replied, "I love you too baby". This is a conversation we have at least 5-6 times in a day (unless we are really at loggerheads).

One of my sisters looked at us and said "What is with you two constantly declaring your love for each other? Did our parents ever tell us they loved us?" After thinking about it for a bit, I reached the conclusion that no they didn't. They never told us directly in so many words, that they love us, which doesn't mean that we didn't know or don't know that they love us unconditionally (which they do). But it was never something that was stated in such clear words as "I love you."

Perhaps it wasn't the done thing at the time or perhaps it was supposed to be a given anyway, either way I don't remember my parents being as demonstrative as my husband and I are with HRH, or even as they themselves are with him now.

I'm not sure why it may be difficult for some to say, but it's really not too hard to announce (once you get over any embarrassment you and/or the recipient of the 'I love you' may feel).

Of course in some cases, there may be some expectations after those words, as was what happened earlier today -

HRH: Ammi I love you
Me: I love you too
HRH: You look pretty today
Me: Hmm.
HRH: I'm waiting...
Me: For what?
HRH: I gave you some compliments. You have to say thank you.

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