Saturday, February 18, 2012

Matter of Mole

Lying in bed - 

HRH: Ammi let's play a game
Me: Ok..
HRH (hiding under the duvet): I'm going to be a mole who lives in a burrow underground
Me: Ok...I want to be someone who lives above what animal should I be?
HRH: A rat?
Me: No thanks...I don't want to be a rat
HRH: A snake?
Me: Can you think of some nicer animals?
HRH: Ummm....
Me: I'll be a squirrel
HRH: Ok your name is Ms. Red the Squirrel
Me: Ok..what's your name?
HRH: I'm Mr. Mole.
Me: Alright....
HRH (climbing out of the duvet): Hi Ms. are you?
Me: Hi Mr. Mole..I'm fine are things underground?
HRH: You need to congratulate me
Me: Why is that?
HRH: I am going to have 15 new babies!
Me:'s a lot
HRH: Ok see you later (burrows back under duvet)
Me: See ya!
HRH (climbing back out a minute later): So I have 16 babies now. An even number.
Me: Wow...what are their names?
HRH: The girls are called Gertie and the boys are called Gary
Me: Why don't they have individual names?
HRH: It's easier for me to remember like this.

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