Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Urdu Ordeal

Urdu revision of 'Humaray Akhri Nabi' Q & A -

Me: Humaray akhri nabi ka kiya naam hai?
HRH: Hazrat Muhammad
Me: No you have to write "Humaray akhri nabi ka naam Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam hai"
HRH: Why do prophets have to have such long and hard names?

Me: Aap kay walid ka kiya naam hai?
HRH: Meray walid ka naam Faisal hai.
Me: No...AAP kay walid ka
HRH (confused): His name is Faisal...


Urdu revision -
Me: What's the opposite of 'taaza'?
HRH: .....Budboo?
Me: No. Bassi.

Me: Make a sentence with 'sehat'
HRH: What's that? Hard work?
Me: That's 'mehnat'
HRH: Kind?
Me: That's 'mehrbaan'
HRH: This is too hard.


Post Urdu exam -
Me: What words did you have to make sentences with?
HRH: Mehnat..I wrote 'Mein bohat mehnat hoon'.
Me: It's supposed to be 'mein bohat mehnati hoon'. Never mind...
HRH: Also 'naseehat'..I wrote 'Mein Ammi Baba ko naseehat karta hoon'.

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