Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Wish, Mind Power, Homework Highlights & Talking Back

HRH: If I were Allah I would give a 55 day weekend instead of just Saturday and Sunday
HRH: Baba shall I hit you?
Faisal: Don't even think about it
HRH (gazing into space): I'm thinking about it. You can't stop me.
HRH: I was in the car by myself and 'Talk That Talk' came on and I changed the song because you told me I can't listen to it because of the bad words
Me: You're a good boy
HRH: But what's the point..I already know what the bad words are.
Khala making HRH do his English homework -
Khala: Make a sentence with 'rope'
HRH: I choked him with a rope.
Khala: Make a sentence with 'watched'
HRH: I watched him choke.
NanaAbu (horrified): I am absolutely frightened.
Urdu homework -
Me: Make a sentence with 'hukam'
HRH: Meri Ammi mujhay BOHAT ziyada hukam daiti hain.
HRH pointing at car next to us at a red light and admiring car sticker -
Me: Don't point at people please
HRH: But it's an appreciate point.
HRH: When I say no I'm not going to do always say yes you will do it.
Me: So?
HRH: That is talking back. Why do you get to talk back to me and I can't talk back to you?

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