Thursday, November 15, 2012

Comics by HRH

Eisa aka HRH seems to have found a new use for my Galaxy Note 2. I guess Samsung's 'Unleash your creativity' tag-line might actually have some truth in it.

1. There is a naked guy. (Plz note the censored lower bits)
2. Another person asks naked guy 'Why are you naked?'
3. Naked guy: It's Friday (Not sure what the significance of naked-ness with Friday is)
4. So now they are both naked.

"The Idiot"
1. Guy 1: My name is Jack
2. Guy 2: Your name is Stewart Pid
3. Guy 1: My name is Stew-Pid
4. Guy 2 finds this hilarious

1. Guy sees hair blowing in the wind. Asks "Wanna go on a date"
2. The hair turns out to belong to a dog
3. Guy is confused
4. What the....

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