Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Localized Limericks

At the moment I am reading a book on comic verse, which has inspired me to write some limericks - 
There was a young lady from Pindi
Who loved to eat lots of bhindi
She would tuck it away
Keeping at it all day
Until all the gas had to fly free.


There was a young man from Lahore
Who like a monster did snore
He terrified the neighbor's kids
Who smacked his head with saucepan lids,
So he would snore no more.


There was a young lady from Karachi
Who loved to eat and was terribly lalchi
She would steal everyone's money
Just by calling them 'honey'
Then give it all to her bawarchi.


There was a young man from FATA
Whose footwear was all from Bata
He had a horrible flu
When he sneezed his slipper flew
So he waved to it, "Ta ta".


There was a young man from Sibi
Who was addicted to jalebi
He would eat the orange goo
All crushed up in a stew
Eventually he carried his teeth in a dibbi.

There was a young lady from Gujranwala
Who loved to use the word ‘Sala
Her parents were distraught
At the very thought
So they abandoned her and moved to Guatemala.


An old lady from Bahawalpur
Decided to go on a worldwide tour
She sat on an aeroplane
Was never heard from again
Because she forgot to close the door.



  1. Lol...amazing!!!! :D

  2. Hahahaha. Ayesha youre so funny