Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rain Pain & Football Shots - LOTD

The rain drips down here and there
The smell of wet earth is one to share
Looks lovely through the window
Nature putting on an excellent show
Beautiful till it seeps into your underwear.


For your own sake, don't approach me
At least not till I've had some coffee
It's too early to ask 'what, why, how and who'
Go away before I fling my shoe
The glares are a warning you see?


A little boy sits on the pot
Strains and wipes some snot
Counting cracks in the ceiling
While trying not to go reeling
Dreaming of that perfect football shot. 


Strawberry cheesecake and apple pie, slurp
Who wouldn’t give a satisfying burp?
Even just some ice-cream with a spoon
Would put me over the moon
Something sweet, better than any purp.


A monster gnashing its fangs
From a tree upside down hangs
There is the sound of a loud squelch
Followed by a monstrous belch
Satisfying those hunger pangs.



  1. Keep them coming. I'm becoming a fan, dammit. :)

  2. Fun! Your inner child is coming out, Ayesha.....

  3. Yes! Really enjoying coming up with these :D