Sunday, December 2, 2012

Connect the Dots, Pet Attack, Monsters Under the Bed - LOTD

Trash-talking during a match,
Resulting in missing a catch
Catches win matches you know?
Less hot air you should blow
So please shut your hatch.


A boy broke out in a rash
Red splotches in a mash
Wondering what he may have got
With a pen he joined each dot
From his mom he got a bash.


A naughty boy wrote on a wall
About to be punished he tried to stall
By lying and saying it was the cat
Who silently in a corner sat
Sharpening its claws, ready to maul.

The tiny baby did some poo
Which looked like slimy goo
The mom went into hiding
Her time she was biding
Till the dad cleaned the stew.


There's a monster under my bed
The scared little boy said
"I'll squish it like a bug!"
Said his father giving him a hug
But the monster bit off dad's head.

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