Thursday, December 20, 2012

Grade 3 Once Again

Fear builds as the countdown starts
Striking dread in many hearts

Super-sized sighs punctuate the air
"It's too much! It just isn't fair!"

Staring blankly into space
Of gaining knowledge there is no trace

Days passing at great speed
Trying to get the brain to feed
(On facts that we may never need)

Six kids want to share one cake
Wish they'd all go jump in a lake

Cost of 12 apples, if one costs rupees four?
Wish we could all shop at that store

What's a noun, an adjective and a verb?
"Why can't I just say 'Do not disturb'?"

An experiment to prove plants respond to light
"Can't it grow to Jack's beanstalk height?"

How would you separate sand from salt?
"I don't know and it's not my fault!"

Why does the government collect tax?
"To fill their pockets to the max?"

Name all continents and the oceans
Wish we had some knowledge potions.

Too many facts to cram in quick
Hoping that something will stick

"I don't want to do this any more!"
These two weeks are such a bore.

Stop whining and grab the coffee cup
You're the mom, you need to grow up.

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