Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rotten Ross

There was a woman called Ross
Who people wished to toss
Down an endlessly deep well
That really would be swell
Certainly would be no loss.

Hateful looks paved the way
For the woman every day
Did she feel no shame
Always playing some game
All hoped she wouldn't stay

 'Make way for the horrible witch
She is likely to push you in a ditch!
Run and hide if you can
Makes all quiver, woman or man!'
Someone should give her mouth a stitch

There the unlikable lady came
Singing her own praises and claiming fame
All lies it turned out to be
Not surprising at all you see
She was after all a nasty dame.

Perhaps one day she would improve
Instead of fixing in this groove
One could always hope
Till then all shall mope
And wonder how to cope.

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