Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Which Witch and Nose Blows

An evil witch cast a spell
Into a deep sleep the girl fell
When she woke she was mad
Kicked the witch with all she had
Off a high cliff with a yell.

Lots of noise in the boy's nose
Needs a few good blows
Get out all the snot
Let's see what you've got
Green goo all in rows.


There was a grouchy old man
His motto 'Be as mean as you can'
He jumped out at people passing by
Terrifying them into jumping high
Chuckling he worked on the next nasty plan.


Sitting in a tree was a little bird
A menacing 'meow' was heard
Like the starting pistol in a race
It instantly hit the cat in the face
With something resembling curd.

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