Thursday, January 31, 2013

Muddling Through

It's time for the morning huddle
More like a morning muddle
Sulky faces all around
One voice is the only sound
Someone needs a rib-crushing cuddle.


The sound of those steps send all into a run
That's the end of any joy and fun
Don't talk, laugh or even smile
It will be a black mark in your file
Working under the barrel of a gun.


Let's all play the blame game
Find someone to point at and shame
That's the way to run a team
Knowledge shines like a beam
Every day always the same.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Semi Summaries - Australian Open 2013

Roger Federer v Andy Murray:
Hoped for a win by Roger
But Murray was a dodger
Went to a stressful five sets
Thankfully hadn't placed any bets
Andy is now a Grand Slam lodger
Victoria Azarenka v Sloane Stephens:
A young player called Sloane
Did make Azarenka groan
Ran her all around the court
Did well to hold her own fort
But still needs her skills to hone
Novak Djokovic v David Ferrer:
In the semis Djoko did Ferrer play
Showing he was the one to stay
Ferrer looked haplessly on
Three short sets later was gone
Djoko disposing of anything in his way
Maria Sharapova v Li Na:
Sharapova thought she'd get past Li Na
Li Na was thinking "You wish. Ha ha."
Of Maria she made short work
Done and dusted with a smirk
To meet later on the tour, ta.