Friday, July 26, 2013

Rama(d/z)an Rhymes

A month of fasting here once more
Check those vices at the door
Arguing about dees and zees
Just let it go PLEASE.
Pakoras and samosas galore!


Playing Candy Crush Saga
Hope hanging by a dhaaga
Level 110 for the 110th time
Waiting for that notification chime
Till a life arrives, I'm going gaga.


A religious 'scholar' on every show
Common sense you need to stow
If you plan to hear them speak.
I'd rather turn the other cheek
Than hear Amir Liaqat crow.


Going out for an evening meal?
Check out that iftari deal
All the usual boring platters
In a restaurant full of clatters
At prices that will make you reel.


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  1. good one

    Looking forward to hear more