Saturday, January 4, 2014

Guide for (Own) Home Entry

Guide to entering home in middle of the night (if no chowkidar) -

1. Exit car after checking all rear view mirrors. Make sure no one lurking in background.
2. Quickly open small gate.
3. Leave small gate ajar while peering inside on the verge to run away (in case someone spotted waiting for you inside).
4. If no suspicious person spotted, enter with baited breath.
5. Peer inside house premises.
6. Quickly open large gate bolt while mentally prepared to have someone grab your shoulder from back.
7. If you are lucky and no one grabs any part of backside, swing big gate open for car to enter (hope to avoid own car outside during violent swing)
8. Hold breath and hope no other  car/person appears/enters along with own car.
9. Yay. You are almost inside. Shut/lock gates as quickly as possible.
10. Unlock home front door and enter/slam shut/lock/bolt/dead bolt doors.
11. Congratulations! You are home safe. Till next time then.