Friday, June 17, 2016

Punctuating Silence

how does it feel
using no punctuation
words with no interruption
no commas or caps
no periods or colons
semi or otherwise
seems so barren
an unending wordscape
where to end
just like that
so abrupt

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The People You Tolerate

So many people you are forced to tolerate.

The ones you can't actually do anything about.

The blood relations - sometimes the ones who are too close to avoid and then the ones who you could avoid but can't because the orders come from above ("Ammi said we have to go." - End of story).

Then there are the ones you choose to tolerate (the one you berate yourself for tolerating but still do).

The bosses - You can still make excuses to yourself for this category. After all you need that pay check at the end of the month (at least till something better comes along or you reach the end of your tether - whichever comes first).

The colleagues - Ditto.

The 'friends' - The so-called 'friends' who have somehow been around for years and yet you don't exactly understand how (or why). The ones who have escaped the on and off purge you carry out. The ones who have 'helpful' comments to pass at odd moments or have odd comments to pass when it would behove them to be helpful.

These are the ones who misbehave off and on and you choose to ignore it and not say anything - sometimes because it doesn't concern you directly and sometimes because you think did they really say that? Or that they are less intelligent and wouldn't be able to comprehend the sarcastic comment you would direct at them anyway.

"I would have said that to him/her but I'm too polite."

"I should have said this but s/he wouldn't have understood it."

"I'm going to say this to him/her next time..." (Except that next time never comes).

Infinite loop. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Historic Exam Revision

Son revising for a History exam...(but actually thinking up jokes) -

What disease did the book have?

What disease did the pipe have?

What disease did the oil have?

What did one bottle of oil say to the other on Valentine's day?
Oil love you.

What disease did the pencil have?

Why did the pig faint?
Due to brain ham-errage.

Which dry fruit scream the most?

Which is the rudest dry fruit?

Which singer is always angry?

Which singer is an insect?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Writer's Block

A year and more of writer's block,
Time to pause and take stock,
Letters and words on a page,
Mind still feels like it's in a cage,
At my head please throw a rock?